Welcome to Lonestar Firearm Defense! We are a veteran owned, lawyer run, membership organization that provides education and instruction on the Constitution, Second Amendment, important Supreme Court Cases that affect those rights, and local instructions on when, where, and under what circumstances you are allowed to defend yourself, your family, your business, and, where appropriate (and state dependent) your property.

Our primary function is to inform, educate, and provide instruction in a non-threatening environment where questions are welcomed and encouraged. We believe that dialogue and discussion with a lawyer providing a general overview on relevant State statues, Federal Law, and local issues is important.

We provide these classes at little or no cost for groups larger than twenty and you do not have to be a member to arrange or attend a class. Further, you do not have to have a concealed carry permit to attend; you just have to be a firearm owner, intend to purchase a firearm in the future, or have questions about when and where a firearm can be used lawfully. We believe this training is as important as learning how to load, aim, and fire your firearm on any range.

We believe in the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and the Right to Bear Arms. We help responsible Americans understand and manage the legal process and better afford the sometimes incredible costs of a legal defense that can come when a member lawfully protects self, or family, or friends.

We believe in training responsibly, making good decisions, understanding the law of self-defense, and making ourselves and our families safer through education. We give classes on self-defense, use of force, and how to behave in critical situations.

We want to encourage groups, businesses, and organizations to seek us out for classes and instruction.

Additionally, we give specialized classes to organizations such as businesses, churches, real estate brokerage houses, and schools. We believe in the inherent right of self defense. We support law enforcement. We know the law enforcement arrives only after a deadly situation begins. We teach you how to protect yourself until law enforcement arrives. We also teach you how to avoid making a situation worse when law enforcement arrives.

Court Ordered Class(es):

We will also be providing a 4-hour class for person or persons charged with unlawful carrying a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon, discharge of a firearm in city limits, felon in possession of a firearm, or any misdemeanor/felony weapons charge. These classes will be starting December 1, 2022, in select states for those who have been accused of crimes and need to satisfy a court order, plea agreement, or generally want to know what the law is in any particular state. To inquire about those classes, and in which states we will be providing them, please email us at or call 1-888-270-9771.


Beyond instruction, if you choose to become a member, you are supporting our ability to provide classes and instruction. And we provide instruction currently in more than 15 states. Also, as a benefit of membership, we provide our members with legal protection when they are forced to use a legal weapon, any legal weapon, in lawful self-defense in all 50 states. And membership is at a price anyone can afford.

Finally, we appreciate you and thank you for visiting this page. If you have any questions or comments please email them to or call 1-888-270-9771.



We Are The Most Affordable Legal Defense Membership

We don't sacrifice quality for price. We want everyone to be able to afford to carry a card that allows access to a quality, competent, legal professional - and one that is available in cases of emergency 24/7/365.


Our emergency phone is answered by a lawyer when you call, not a call center or insurance adjustor; and not days or weeks later. We want to provide you with an attorney as soon as practicable, so you understand your Constitutional Rights and are protected.


Members Have Access to Attorneys in a More Than 1,500 Nationwide Attorney Network - Criminal and Civil

Each Membership Includes

*Each Plan Provides Members Coverage for All Legal Weapons

Gold - Individual

$12.95/Month or $135 Annually** (SAVE OVER 13% PER YEAR)

  • Single Person Coverage
  • Defense for Criminal and Civil Cases
  • Bail Bond Protection - Up to $50,000
  • Covered Attorney's Fees - Up to $250,000
  • Hotline Call to Connect You with a Licensed Criminal Defense Attorney (not a call center or clerk)
Platinum - Premium

$22.95/Month or $240 Annually** (SAVE OVER 12% PER YEAR)

  • All the Benefits of Individual Plan
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Multi-State Coverage Bail Bond Protection - up to $100,000
  • Reimbursement for Firearm Taken
  • Psychological Counseling Support
  • Expert Witness Fee Protection
  • Incident Scene Cleanup
Platinum Family

$39.95/Month or $420 Annually** (SAVE OVER 12% PER YEAR)

  • All the Benefits of Premium Plan
  • Complete Family Coverage
  • Coverage for your spouse and minor children (18 years and younger, living at home)
  • Covered Attorney's Fees - Up to $250,000 per person

Veteran Owned

It Means We Believe in the Constitution, the Second Amendment, and the Right of Self-Defense. We understand the world can be a dangerous place, because we have seen it.